New York Daily Life

Doing this activity, it would fulfil its mission, which was not anything other than a revenge powered by many years. The other alternative was flip the face, definitely forget the past and return to your daily life of New York. Urania is decided by the first. This decision constitutes the cornerstone of the fictional action. It can be said that the story of Urania occurs in reverse.

It comes to Santo Domingo, without informing his relatives. Staying in a hotel. He goes to his old House, in order to take revenge on his father, vengeance that has pledged itself. Revenge of what and why, the reader wonders. However, the monologue becomes outer, when Urania contemplates his house already without books and says to the sick: my Manhattan apartment is filled with books (…) as this House when I was a child (…) many history books. Fortunetellers of what time? The Trujillo was, what would be? The most important thing we spent over five hundred years. You said it with so much conviction (…) Pity that we can not talk. Could you clarify for me, few things you that you lived them of fittings with your beloved boss, who so badly paid your loyalty.

For example, I would have liked me to aclararas if his Excellency also slept with my mom. . (Vargas Llosa M. 2001: 12-13). Lawsuits such as the one above, occur along this one-way conversation. The daughter of Agustin Cabral, with a further democratic training and, consequently, with another vision of the world, goes step by step judging the conduct of employees of the Trujillo regime. There are moments of extraordinary artistic creation, such as when the words of Urania are interrupted by a paragraph in which she herself thinks he sees the scene: feel slow down the car to the door of the House. (. . .