Photovoltaic Fuse And Their Methods

Of solar parks & photovoltaic systems who today its solar Park sensibly wants to protect, including a good photovoltaic needed backup. Finally, a solar Park must be secured against theft, burglary or manipulation. Credit: Shimmie Horn-2011. In the following sections, backup is closer entered on the photovoltaic and explains the different types. Photovoltaic (PV) refers to the direct conversion of solar energy into electricity. This happens in solar cells, in which so-called semiconductor transform the light into electricity. Several are interconnected solar cells result in a solar module. There are various methods for the photovoltaic fuse.

You can protect against the intrusion, destruction, or, for example, the theft insurance.Various companies offer these days cheap insurance for the photovoltaic fuse. Because who invested heavily in its photovoltaic system, which it will be clear that it is important itself against damage to protect manipulation etc. Although Photovoltaic systems are technically reliable, Betriebsschadeneine represent danger should not be underestimated. The proper installation can certainly reduce the risk of damage, but do not exclude. Failure of the system by a damage cause the loss of electricity. Therefore, the calculated amortization is severely. Make the photovoltaic fuse in any case, it makes sense to insure the PV plant against unforeseeable damage. It could be built but also a backup made especially for photovoltaic systems themselves.

Powerful inverter, high open-circuit voltages, large load currents – behind the bluish bright solar panels of photovoltaic lurking large requirements for the handling of the energy produced. This also applies to their backups. For the photovoltaic fuse many requirements must be considered so. DerKurzschluss – as well as overload protection in the field of photovoltaic systems is steadily larger. So be open-circuit voltages DC 900 V today achieved. The load currents of single strings be up to 16A, with several strings are merged to achieve higher performance. There are series with rated currents from 4 A to 20 A Max, which meet the performance requirements of modern photovoltaic systems but. Another possibility would be that you backup opts for a new photovoltaic, PV-guardian”! The use GPS “PV-guardian” consists of a chip already produced during the production of the photovoltaic cell. The geographical coordinates of the photovoltaic system are programmed into the chip. The Panel (together connected solar modules) will be dismantled and reinstalled to a different location, the chip must be reprogrammed by an approved expert. Only a certain group of people should be in possession of the requisite secret codes “the password will not or incorrectly entered, the module will be inoperable in a matter of seconds.” You also should decide, at the photovoltaic fuse these three variants are good practice to protect photovoltaic systems. Before should of course professional advice obtained is and be informed accurately about the methods. Because a good photovoltaic backup saves much nerve and especially money.