Queens Day In Holland

Celebrate the birthday of the Queen in Amsterdam celebrate you the birthday of the Queen in Amsterdam Holland is known for its cheese, clogs, bicycles, tulips, plenty of water, and of course Queens day!. On April 30, Holland celebrating the Queen’s birthday (or rather Queen Mother): this day is the national day of the Netherlands ‘Koninginnedag’. Day the Princess was originally Queens day, and is celebrated on this day of national unity. Originally, this day was celebrated on August 31, on the birthday of the Queen “Wilhelmina. However, since the nue Queen “Beatrix” was born on April 30, also the national day was transferred to this date.

The Queen’s birthday is celebrated by all over the country, but Amsterdam is the place these days. The whole town we stage a big party is the orange colored, because orange is national in Holland. The Hansen come to Amsterdam with bicycles and boats, but not only the locals celebrate this event–thousands of tourists want to on this day were and celebrate. The Queen Beatrix travels each year to your birthday to another city, to celebrate with their people together. This year we the Queen in Apeldoorn. be. Around half a million people are celebrate Queens day in Holland, this event is therefore as one of the biggest events of the year. Everyone dresses in Orange, orange is the color, but also the name of the Dutch Royal family.

Here you will find everything in Orange really: sweets, drinks, cars, houses, etc. Queens day is the only day in the year when the people of Holland may sell anything without special permission. The streets of Amsterdam transform in the flea markets. Amsterdam is definitely the best place, here you will find music, Open-Air parties and snack points. Do think it is worth to come to Holland. Because Queens day is an official national holiday, people will start him in the night before, so it’s a huge party. All clubs have party at night and that night Prince night is unofficial called. So, come to us to Queens day? Hostelsclub.com has free places. Don’t forget to book early. Early pay less known! And wear orange!