Ricardo Palma

He lived auto-exiliado in Paris, Spain, travelled to Russia in 1931, but by financing from third parties, when he attempted to publish Trilce! He was humiliated by a such Ricardo Palma-editor-, that you He advised that he is dedicated to another thing that writing nonsense on nonsense is not literature, well says that knowledge creates monsters, but ignorance creates scarecrows, died poor, reactivation of a malaria acquired during his lifetime in the serrania, died without being diagnosed, died for lack of 2000 francs for hospitalization in a good clinic, where had been auxiliary it betterwell the purpose of this note, is not centrally discuss these facts missing investigate and focus better, much better, but a strafing allows us to update that old question that the world makes the Lord my God – tell me – why good people have to suffer injustice, prison, hunger, unemployment? my God – tell me – why so many rateros of walk and jacket and tie?they have a life full of money and comforts?, because these two examples, are just two examples of two famous, but the streets walking thousands, millions of anonymous human beings who suffer and cry, what they suffered and grieved Miguel, Caesar and their families already know! thank you Lord! anthropomorphic human logic cannot explain this phenomenon, what is clear is that you’re not a bad God, thou art not a punishing God, our logic is not sufficient to explain these phenomena and that Cesar and Miguel, understood it to because both despite all what happenedthey died believing in it, Cesar told him to Georgette now it’s up to God, say making with me, do not fear, for I think that God is my friend, while Miguel wrote yesterday gave me the last rites despite the cravings I have live let the will of heaven, despite living what they experienced, these two geniuses not renounced Godthey died believing, they died with faith and we why they have to renege?