Stone Age Sculpture

The art expresses a feeling of life since time immemorial, a certain mood or a message from. Painters, sculptors, writers and musicians create something that reflects the personal opinions or feelings. One of the oldest forms of expression is the sculpture. Even in the Old Stone Age man shaped stones to use them as tools. Admittedly, this type of sculpture of a practical nature, yet these works are now regarded as the first sculptures. Later developed in the young Stone Age tools from these first craft, which produced increasingly onerous utensils. The sculpture designed their products with elaborate decorations and the actual craft of the sculptor was born. At the present time to design sculpture especially human sculptures. But even abstract works of art are made of stone and other materials. Mainly stone, plaster, wood, metal, clay and ivory are used for crafts. The sculpture is different from painting, primarily by ensuring that the final productis three-dimensionally. This can create very different perspectives than in the painting. The sculpture is divided into the categories of sculptures and statues. Depending on the spatial shape is then a distinction between even Vollplastische, high and low relief. In addition to museums and galleries to find the sculptures but also in public. Many pedestrian areas or public buildings are adorned with the art of sculpture. Who should consider to make a sculpture or sculpture their own home, can give an order for sculptors for it. Details of sculpture can also be found on the Internet. There you can find out about the work of various artists and view a selection of their works.