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United States

The absence of these characteristics, in fact, does not lead the institutionalization politics, process through which the organizations and the processes acquire value and stability (Huntington, 1975, P. 24-27) Regarding Samuel Huntington, it fits to emphasize the forts critical that its theory receives, given the etnocntrico character of the insertion as model of efficient democracy…

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Diada Independence

Up to 1947 the humanity enjoyed unrestricted deliberdade in its avistamentos and contacts with the stranger who afustigava in the not identified flying object appearances, and infindvelsrie of historical registers proves this sobejamente. However to break daqueleano, more necessarily, two or three days after the 4 of American July (in the Diada Independence something fell…

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State Society

The speech presented in the film for the priest the Zuzu Angel, leaves explicit the omission of the church catholic ahead of the cruel manifestations of the dictatorship, speech this that legitimizes the action of the military against the combatants, alluding to the argument of whom these had attempted against in lower court with violence,…

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