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Richard Rorty

For Richard Rorty the majority of what we know on the superior and privileged member of the Metaphysical oppositions is a question of effect of contrast with the inferior and rejected member. We will be able some time to make better of what Parmnides made. The misticismo, or the negative way, or sacred silence wittgensteiniano,…

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Latin America Development

At many moments if it passed the idea of that Latin America did not make use of its ' ' impressions digitais' ' , its particular characteristics and its referring qualities to the partner-cultural and economic diversity. However, it is important to detach the innumerable possibilities and capacities of a continent that without a doubt…

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Personal Situation

Personal crisis, for example, may be associated with the birth or marriage of a child, divorce, illness or sudden disability. State of crisis can realize and accept a man or repressed, pushed out. For example, dissatisfaction with the marital relationship can be manifested as depression or actively search out of the situation, recourse to a…

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