Latin America Development

At many moments if it passed the idea of that Latin America did not make use of its ' ' impressions digitais' ' , its particular characteristics and its referring qualities to the partner-cultural and economic diversity. However, it is important to detach the innumerable possibilities and capacities of a continent that without a doubt will be placed to the test more early or later. I look for to argue not prompt questions here as, for example, systems of government or economic policies and yes the region as a whole, highly loaded of strategical elements for its development, how much for a probable alternative source before calamitous practical of not-sustainable development in a world beirando the collapse. When, exactly that per some instants, the eyes of the first-world are come back toward Latin America this for many are signal of good winds, that is, the hope of investments, the possibility of a great development, a prosperous progress, at last, the solution for all the local demands even then restrained. However, it is important to remember that the region possesss gigantic potentialities in essential areas to the maintenance of the quality of the social life as for the suppliment of basic necessities? raw material, man power, we also remember the energy field with the capacity of natural gas extration, oil, aeolian, the hdricos resources, the territorial disposal for the agricultural expansion, at last, all these benefits for the reinforcement of practical basically capitalist. This places the continent in a position of extreme relevance in the world-wide context, the question key of this quarrel is which the paper that Latin America must play in this process and more important still it is to investigate how much the Latin American people perceives what he turns around all the attitudes politics, economic and cultural of its governments and which the direction that must be taken to favor the ansiedades of its people. What it is rank until then, are ready projects of development, imported, ' ' prescriptions prontas' ' where most of the time they need to be adapted for the local especificidades and generally I contend damages to its populations. Therefore, treating this subject from a generalized vision and having the conscience of that the subject is by its very nature, of extreme complexity, it is essential that this frum either opened and also facilitated its agreement so that the decisions are not restricted only to some groups with particular interests while the majority unprovided of knowledge on the area? therefore without being able of argument? if it becomes hostage in its proper domnios. In a broken up continent, where brothers do not recognize, where the events are more perceivable most distant, and also the interest for what he is to the side is not stimulated, the everything this collaborate for the entrance of referenciais total deprived of characteristics of the local environment and that they go yes, if to become hegemonic. Ahead of these comments we can imagine that the field of possibilities is opened for fights and claims that must be processed to who of right, so that in a next future the continent does not come to be evaluated as ' ' America Latrina' '.