Thong In Khon Kaen – Thailand, Crisis What Crisis

Thai Swiss pioneer in North East Thailand Thai Swiss pioneer in North East Thailand, an extraordinary resort in Khon Kaen’s investment focus. Thailand wake up and grow up! A more painful but important, natural process of the development of each culture. We can change anything and also did not help by good advice. Thailand must go his way and find themselves. But we can give our assent to the people.

We may leave it alone and should express our faith in the strength of this culture and encouraging their transformation, but without violence. Thailand has a very high standard of living as regards quality of life and security, with the cost of living under one-fifth of the cost in the Switzerland. Dental treatment is with one of the best in above Asia, costs only one-tenth of our costs. The major hospitals in Thailand can compete with Western standard and Thailand slowly developed into one Metropolis for medical treatment and care. In hospitals, which is more like 5-star hotels. This is essentially due to the ease of service and personal participation of the people in Thailand, as well as the growing number of foreign doctors and specialists, which although less deserve, but an incomparably more positive work field to find.

The lower wage is offset however by the much lower cost of living. Thailand is still primarily an agriculture of one of the bread baskets of Asia. This means daily fresh food in abundance. The Thai cuisine of meat arm, contains little fat variation Empire is extremely and is very digestible for our Western stomach. The supermarkets offer the same range of goods like every supermarket in the Switzerland. However, an incredible variety of local fruits and vegetables added that open up whole new worlds of enjoyment for us. At the same time, more and more manufacturing industries from all product areas here have settled.