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The Window Sashes

Residential, public, industrial, agricultural and other buildings and structures should be in good natural light. This is achieved by constructing windows, skylights, glass roofs, etc. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to overheating of the interior in the summer, that can not be justified sanitary requirements. In the cold season because of the multitude of…

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Gruntuem base. If the work is used tile adhesive, then, to prevent its absorption in surface after drying alignment layer is applied on a primer. Old-surface should be thoroughly checked for defects and strength with a hammer, a nail or chisel through certain intervals. After elimination of damage to the uneven floor is recommended to…

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Laying Laminate

When choosing a laminate should focus not only on its visual characteristics, such as color and pattern. Should pay due attention to his work harkteristiki. And the more the laminate is exposed to stress, the higher should be its durability. To date, we can recommend a very durable and resistant to moisture laminate from German…

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