Gruntuem base. If the work is used tile adhesive, then, to prevent its absorption in surface after drying alignment layer is applied on a primer. Old-surface should be thoroughly checked for defects and strength with a hammer, a nail or chisel through certain intervals. After elimination of damage to the uneven floor is recommended to use recovery solution, and the shortcomings of the surface corrected with the leveling of the solution. -When installing ceramic tile on surface, lined with tiles, check out the existing liner with a hammer. Finding loose-fitting, extending from the surface of the tiles, re-glue them in or remove and fill the voids recovery solution. In such a packing is very important to pick up a special adhesive.

-When placing tile on painted surfaces, you must first test them. Flaking paint or swollen to scrape. To increase adhesion, perform surface scoring. Next> stage is the pre-marking the walls, for how you will look after the wall raboty.Est fans pazdelyat half a nonintegral tile and ofopmlyat povephnost simmetpichno. Ha my opinion, this is not aesthetic but still tpudoemko. The correct to find the most 'visible' corner and put away, ppyacha pezanye in less visible ugly.Vnachale spread all that you can put a whole tiles, and then you can engage in undercutting. Pruning (incomplete bars) is measured individually, because of uneven walls, irregular geometry of the room, etc. tile sizes can vary significantly along the length of the series.

Cut the tiles to the size you want is not always easy, especially for floor tile varieties. We do not recommend trying to break the tiles – you can not just make a mistake with the size or break it in several places, such operation can create a crack in the tiles, it will not be visible, but over time this tile must crack the troubled spot. So much better to cut the tiles with the help of special equipment – tile, or, in extreme cases, angle grinders machines (that is, ordinary Bulgarians).