Metal Cable

But this is not the rule, as someone binds tightly, some weak, so the choice of instrument is very individual. Try knit fabric with two or three rooms hook (spokes) and select those in which the fabric is not very tight or loose. Later, when choosing a pattern, you may have to change the number of spokes, as the delicate patterns are knitted more tightly, and patterns, consisting of interwoven, – more loosely than the sock fabric. Most often used for knitting needles and hooks are made of steel. They do not bend, not break, do not stain the fabric.

Produce hooks and needles as aluminum, plastic and wood. Aluminum tools are very easy, but do not bind the product of bright yarn, because of friction yarn dirty. Therefore, they are used only for knitting yarn dark tones. For a thick fluffy yarn well suited wooden or plastic tools – cloth turns soft, loose, in which the visible beauty of the yarn. Before you begin, you should check the quality of the spokes. They should be smooth, even the slightest roughness prevent Slip the thread and it will make it hard work.

Of great importance is the working end grinding tool: it should not be very sharp so as not to injure the finger and not bifurcate the working thread, but do not have to be blunt – blunt hook (Needle) is difficult to enter into a loop. Fix the end of a metal needle (hook) can be a file or sandpaper. Large items that are on both sides of closed edges (for details, jackets, scarves), knitting needles from one end of the working and a small ring or ball on the other end. These needles are said to be closed. For products that are knitted in a circle, so it turned out, without seams (back in front with a skirt with no seams), used needles, connected to fishing line or Metal Cable. These needles can be connected and simply great detail, with easy to attach crochet drawing. In addition, knitting and line is convenient to take to the road. The spokes on the line are the two working late and called open. Knitting in a circle of small items (mittens, socks) using sets of five spokes, which each have two working late. In addition, they are used in the case when you need extra spokes, for which temporarily remove the loop, and then again return to the main needle, may also need a big pin to temporarily remove the hinges. Hooks can be long and short, with plastic handles and one without. At crochet, knit loops are closed and open loop there but the one working the loop so the loop does not accumulate on the hook, and consequently the length of the hook is not really matter.