The New Playset By WICKEY

With the Playset ‘Wickey s Ocean Cruiser’ in the world of fantasy, penetrates the autumn and you think the nice time on the playground is over? By due! You can register your free afternoons, after the homework assignments are made, together with our Viking child Wickey still dream in other worlds. “We invite you by heart on our Playset of Wickey’s ocean cruiser” to take a sailing tour of the fantasy about the great oceans of the world. Reach over the climbing NET just the command Bridge of the Playset in ship shape and gives the command to anchor your crew sparse. The wind will blow strongly into the sails of the game Tower and in no time you’re at the mouth of the Panama Canal in Latin America. The Caribbean water use for a swim with the slide on the Playset you’re fast in the splendid sea. But give beware of crocodiles on the banks of the Canal.” Keep always prefer the rope ladder on the Playset at a glance… The Panama Canal then requires your full attention.

You shouldn’t the steering wheel on your Playset rather leave. Wickey, the small Viking, and your crew will thank you. Beyond the Canal, in the Pacific Ocean, it is now a little shaky. The suspension bridge on the Playset will make you feel as the ship in waves would vary. “But don’t worry with the help of telescope, Periscope, and your instincts, you can give your team the right instructions and secure around the Cape Horn” maneuver. And before you know it, you’re back in the home port. Your MOM calls to dinner and you did a whole world tour one afternoon on the Playset. And tomorrow is waiting the Playset after school again, and take you the Playset becomes to exciting adventures, maybe tomorrow an expedition in the deep jungle? Who know already… Peter Hay press Coordinator