GLAGG – Merchandising For Trendsetter

With GLAGG magnetic mount your brand in customers hands! Keychains, lighters, T-Shirts, pens, caps, mugs, umbrellas… What do all of these promotional items in common? Can be easily printed, are inexpensive, and the best: used in everyday life and thus fulfil their purpose, to manifest a brand in the minds of customers and those who will be. Despite vielfaltigstem offer therefore marketers rely again on these items. But let’s face it: More than a hearty yawn is not to expect. Fortunately, BBs is the smallest bracket of world GLAGG now! GLAGG requirements not only perfectly all have a merchandise, it surpasses everything has been by far. Because GLAGG is not only occasionally taken in the hand, but finds its place directly on the items that accompany our daily lives every day: phones, remotes, mp3 players, Navis, and much more. GLAGG disappears in drawers and pockets, it is not constantly present and in use.

As original novelty of the highest quality, GLAGG is the best instrument to convey a positive, modern image of the brand. Because only who is perceived to exist. GLAGG is easy on any subject as well as anywhere in the car, at home or the holder is glued in the Office – and ready. The ultra-slim high performance magnets were originally developed for fixing of mobile phones, navigation systems and other electronic equipment. But also tool, remote controls, key, Office and camping utensils, garage openers, hand mirror and much more are angeGLAGGt in the blink of an eye. With a diameter of 12 mm, 0.8 mm thick and tiny, the power packages are smaller than a 1 cent-coin, and heavily enough for devices once the GLAGG fever has packed who up to 200 g., will find new opportunities, where the self-adhesive magnets are practical and useful. Whether man or woman, young or old, the question of the target group will be obsolete with GLAGG.

On the IeNA,. This innovative idea, the greatest inventors fair in Nuremberg (D), was awarded silver. GLAGG is a high-quality product “Made in AUSTRIA” and is made in a careful hand work. With its extremely sturdy Lexan coating and advanced typography logos even under high stress look still as brilliant as the first day and are good even in this small area. GLAGG is new. GLAGG is trendy. GLAGG is fun. GLAGG comes in handy. GLAGG is striking. GLAGG is top quality. GLAGG is cheap. GLAGG fits anywhere. If you arrived at the conviction that GLAGG fits to you and your company philosophy, if you see your brand on mobile phones and remote controls of all kinds want to, if you want to surprise your customers and fans with an innovative idea, then what are you waiting for? Your brand in customer BBs hand with GLAGG. All your questions about the product, conditions and possibilities answered you Mr likes. Alois Schett.