The Right

-I had a time where after playing a few tournaments in highly demanding fields and with bad weather conditions, I realized that he needed more train my approximation strategies. I worked them thoroughly with a person that I followed for his great knowledge. I learned much and that had a good effect on my game. -Thank you Paul – said le. Now I want that you apunteis in sheets that you have in your tables, what are your difficulties while you play a golf tournament. I will give you a few minutes to do so Pablo noted how did moving between them and occasionally answering questions.

When they ended, he returned to his position in front of the players and continued talking. -You can tell me what are your difficulties? -Concentrate during the tournament said a player. Paul scored his response on the Board that had been in the room where the conversation was taking place. -Good start on hole 1 said another player. -Be more regular. -Do not understand why so much change in my way of playing, from very good to very bad in only a few holes.

-No drop-in me bad beating. -No drop-in me to a bad start. -When I am well rated, and I earn the pressure I find it terrible. -I get angry when a judge is pressing me. -When those who go ahead sleep that it infuriates me. -If I things are going, my caddie pays my temper or which is closer to me. -I’m very badly for days when failed in a tournament. -I get very nervous before playing a very important tournament. -With the putt there good days although most them have lousy. Paul was scoring the answers, some are repeated and placed a cross on the right. When everyone finished enumerated its difficulties, was stared at them a few seconds.