Ukrainian Center

upe should give the opportunity to enter higher education institutions intelligent and capable children and help to minimize corruption in universities. Joined on commissioning testing began on Dec. 15, 2009 and will run until March 31, 2010. Registration will last for 3,5 months, but it is better not to postpone it last week. More information about the registration procedure and dates of the tests can be found at the official website of the Ukrainian Center for evaluation of the quality of education. To register for the delivery of testing necessary to determine the items that you donate. To do this you need to know list necessary items in the university where you intend to do. In 2010, unlike previous years, testing on the Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, and history will be held in several sessions.

This is due to the need reducing the number of items tested. In each session, will take part the same number of entrants. Distribution of participants will be made automatically, to minimize the likelihood of delivery tests, classmates and relatives during a single session. All information on deadlines tests will be posted on personal pages of participants, which can be activated at the site of the Ukrainian Center education quality evaluation 4-5 days after registration. Invitations to examinations will also be sent by mail. This year, declined from last year's experiment, when testing was conducted in early May, due to What classes in schools have ended a month earlier than usual. Now the school year, as before, will last until the end of May, and testing will be conducted in June.