A fund which exploit gold on the property, actually hardly find consistency, can a better start time October 31, 2011. Just the end Greece discussion went and already the first vote because Italy are loud. Many investors want to know at least a part of their assets and what’s better than gold? The Fund of Canada gold trust 1 GmbH & co. KG this particularly interesting properties stands out. Because the fund company’s business focuses on the economic exploitation of the degradation of natural resources much gold-bearing land plots in Canada. This is a variety of opinion.

For this purpose the fund company is awarded standing capital through a loan you for the investment to provide the Canadian investment company Mary Creek gold mines Inc. has backed up the rights to the extraction of gold claims in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The capital is used to explore the gold deposits in the claims, to dismantle the existing gold and sell. Requirements interesting in light of peak prices for the precious metal. Just the strict environmental protection regulations in Canada and the very positive economic development of the country in favour of the Fund. The target size of the Fund amounts to EUR 10 million and EUR 15 million increase.

A participation is possible from 10,000 euros of plus five per cent premium. The participation is designed on 3 half years. The repayment of the loan of Canada gold trust 1 GmbH & co. KG as well as the forecast distribution of 14 percent per year at the investor level from the proceeds of the gold mining of Mary Creek gold mines Inc. primarily operated. Are distributions amounting to 14 percent starting in 2012, accumulated 146 per cent will be including the repatriation of investment capital. Up to November 30 this year, there is also an early artist bonus of five percent. The experienced banks CAPITAL AG has taken over the exclusive distribution for the Fund. Board Member Manfred banks: we have local and. Canada Gold Trust Launches First Fund