Spurlock Supersize

What is the quality of food in modern man? The vast majority of food we grow ourselves in an environmentally clean conditions, and we buy in the store. As a result, our table get products in which the addition of mineral nutrients, also contain nitrates, pesticides, preservatives We need our body to nitrates and pesticides? No not needed. But they increase the harvest, so farmers used and will use them. A preservative increase revenues food, so food manufacturer to use, and would enjoy preservatives. Many of the products are subjected to various methods of technological processing (refining, canning, cooking tools, etc.), which deprive them of their last reserves of vitamins and minerals. That As for meat products, even according to official statistics 30% of meat products contain antibiotics that are used to accelerate the growth of animals. 10% of food products contain heavy metals (mercury, lead, of cadmium ).

And of course, undisputed champion in the poisoning of our health is so-called fast food industry. It has already caused and continues to inflict enormous damage to health. But despite this, more and More and more people use the services ‘M & Donalds’ and similar systems. Influenced by advertising, many families even in the home enjoy fast food. And no one seriously tried to ban these products. Have you seen at least one label reads: ‘Ministry of Health warns: fast food harmful to your health! ” In this connection, get to know one history: In February 2004, the film came out in theaters in New York filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Supersize me (on behalf of the enlarged portion of M & Donalds – Supersize).