In recent times, during the hours of my illness, I have thought many times in this message from my heart. Perhaps because “The Reason for My Life” managed to say everything I feel and what I think, I have to write again. I left too much between the lines that I fill, and this time not because I need it. No.It would be better perhaps for me to be quiet, not to say none of the things I say, stay for all, as a final word, everything I said in the first of my books, but my love and my pain do not conform with that messy mix of feelings and thoughts that I left in the pages of “The Reason for my Life.” I want too much of the shirtless, women, workers of my people, and by extension want too to all peoples of the world, exploited and sentenced to death by the imperialists and the privileged of the earth. It hurts so much the pain of the poor, the humble, the great pain of so much humanity without sun or sky like for you to shut up. If you are still wanting shadows and clouds cover the sky and the sun of our land, if there is still much to alleviate pain and heal wounds and as will be where no one has seen the light or has taken in his hands the flag of the people marching quietly, without tears and without sighing, bleeding under the night of slavery! And as is where is and light, but too far, and then hope is a huge pain rebels and burning in the flesh and soul of the people thirsty for freedom and justice! For them, for my people and all peoples of mankind’s “My Message”. I do not want to explain anything about my life or my work. No longer want to receive any praise. I do not care about the hate and the praise of men belonging to the race of the exploiters. I want the people to rebel. I want to burn, the fire in my heart.I want to tell the truth which a poor woman of the people the first woman in the crowd who was not dazzled by the power or glory! learned in the world of those who rule and govern the peoples of mankind. I want to tell the truth that was never said by anyone, because no one was able to continue the charade like myself to know the whole truth. For all those who left the village to go my way never returned. They let themselves be dazzled by the wonderful imagination of the altitude and stayed to enjoy the lies. I also dressed with all the honors of glory, vanity and power. Let me dress up with the best jewels of the earth.