METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online to review private owners often too high estimate the value of their real estate. This miscalculation can be very negatively on sale later. Especially if the selling price of the property to ensure a portion of the pension, can cause a major shortage of the required capital. Regardless of the rating factors of real estate object owner should ask the following questions.

Ask how realistic are the chances of sale in relation to finding a buyer? What could the real estate sale fail? How would the not marketability of the property affect the pension? What alternatives are there? Soft factors except the pure valuation factors and a possible stemming from the real estate, are essential aspects such as sympathy and trust the provider for the sale. Not every owner is a good salesman, of the emotional side of real estate purchase sufficient supports. Real estate is ultimately more with the heart as purchased with the mind. As owner, empathy who falls rather hard, so awards more sales opportunities. Demographic aspects is the real estate for old-age provision has long been in the possession of the owner, it is likely that similar measures are planned in the immediate vicinity. Neighbors are probably also involved to offer your home in the next few years or occur as a provider. Age-related, real estate of older owners often no longer match the search profile for the next generation. Also ageing and path trains dominate the real estate market stronger, as noted by longtime homeowners.

Cost of modernization is especially with older objects to calculate with high investment. Energy values, interior design, roof and facade State often no longer correspond to the present state. Buyers know to these pressures and will demand appropriate discounts in price negotiations. From a database perspective is still crucial as the State real estate, can affect the price strongly declining interest. The crisis of the last few years has to break not only the buying interest also the possibility for buyer, even a bank to find the financing takes over, characterizes the saleability of a property. The saleability of a property very much depends on the pricing. The idea of the owner, how much he can ask to purchase price, often passes on the market. Bills are often made up, that have nothing to do with the reality of the market. Owners can recognize turnaround that the sale of a property is more difficult, even in their environment. A diffuse idea goes ahead even at the thought of selling their property to the pension, the subsequent event of the shortfall. Inducing written by some revival of the property market should not weigh those in security, that must make their real estate as part of their retirement money. Even with more pregnant Demand, will be in the future more valued and more difficult to sell real estate. Realistic assessment of a realistic assessment of the current value of the property can point to any loopholes in the pension. Earlier, the actual value of House, apartment or land is known, more time, to take appropriate steps towards the adequate pensions. Who would like to inform yourself about the current value of his real estate, may obtain a competent information via the Internet. After a few minutes, the owner will receive an individual online real estate valuation with site exact benchmark. Find more information at