Italian Freezers

Due to the uneven distribution of electronics reduced load in the drum. Production of stainless steel drum requires a high degree of accuracy and thoroughness of treatment, because they are key element of providing high quality washing. Model with a stainless steel tank appreciate our customers. In the washing machines are provided: the hatch with a larger diameter Maxioblo, door which opens 180 , drum, which houses the maximum number of lingerie at the lowest possible size, easy to read display, maximum ease of reproduction of information at various stages of washing and easy installation program. Drying machines are equipped with Reversible door hatch that opens to 180 . Quality control is embodied in life that way. Cars are tested on a special stand that eliminates the possibility of water leakage. Before shipment of the cars from the party subjected to sampling in the laboratory for testing the performance and quality products.

The laboratory provides testing for reliability – several cycles of washing and mechanical stress mimic different conditions. Refrigerators Ardo Modern refrigerators and freezers Ardo are environmentally friendly and have a class A + and A + + class energy efficiency. All models are equipped evaporators. New models are tested in laboratories equipped with modern facilities, as at the design stage and during production. All refrigerators and freezers are computer control.

Climatic chambers create a variety of environmental conditions. In the acoustic chamber is noise control. Verification shall also accessories. The entire range of refrigerators and freezers equipped with compressors that meet stringent noise standards. All models of refrigerators feature a new electronic thermostat EASY CONTROL. This technology provides optimal operation, including, at a very low ambient temperatures. In models with the freezer compartment, it provides for the quick freezing. The outer surfaces treated special protection from fingerprints EASY CLEAN, and internal well wash the surface due to the smooth structure and the absence of ribbing. Refrigerators and freezers are designed to maximize the outcome that is achieved, in particular, thanks to the No-frost. Refrigerators and freezers Ardo provide the best performance in work, saving up to 50% less energy, allowing it to spend wisely. Gas and electric stoves Ardo Gas and electric stoves are equipped with a set of characteristics needed for efficient food preparation and safe operation. Large selection of different hoods will allow them to naturally blend with any interior kitchen. Built-in equipment will help you find unique hardware solution to the kitchen, and modern technology to satisfy even the most avid shoppers. The house was widely perceived as the most reliable and benign place! Household appliances can be considered as a source of Ardo rest. Lock the doors, the system will overflow in washing machines, refrigerators antibiotic treatment in – it's only a small part of what contributes to security. Antonio is the first company in Italy, which produces a full line of Class A and A +, which consume 35 – 55% less than the product of a lower class: these products are marked with Green line. Products' Green line'byli developed and for these reasons: labeling of products, which designed and manufactured to the highest standards of environmentally compatible materials with low environmental impact, with lower rates of consumption. A huge international Consortium was created in Italy by Merloni family. Creativity, ingenuity and taste characteristic of this Italian company. Owners of vehicles Ardo get pleasure the opportunity to have a faithful helper in the house, and But those who still do not have it – we recommend to buy and enjoy the functionality, simplicity and beauty.