LAN Performs The Largest Latino Aircraft To Airbus Order

The Chilean airline LAN has made the largest order of aircraft to a company of Latin America has acquired from Airbus, with the purchase of 50 A320 aircraft, thus bringing the number of aircraft requested to the European manufacturer to 150 devices. The price of each A320 aircraft acquired by LAN, which already operates 60 aircraft from the European manufacturer, varies between the 62.5 million dollars and 95.5 million. Currently, since Spain is possible to book trips to international destinations as popular as Buenos Aires flights or the flights to New York, although the airline covers practically the journeys of large countries in Latin America such as Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Chile with LAN. Although these 50 aircraft had been ordered by LAN in the month of July, during the celebration of the International Salon of Fanborough, in the United Kingdom, the purchase was not effective until the present day. With the acquisition of these new aircraft, LAN will cover its expansion of flights and routes in Latin America, inaugurating new routes or by replacing its current fleet of aircraft equipment. Furthermore, LAN will equip their aircraft with a few known devices with Sharklets which name placed at the ends of the wings of the appliances, they contribute to the optimization of the performance and efficiency of the aircraft.