Parquet Lacquer

The most beautiful, elegant, environmentally friendly floor covering, of course, is a hardwood floor. Although to keep it in proper form, the problem troublesome. Despite this, more and more owners of private houses are inclined to this kind of coverage. For good content flooring it to properly pack, according to the requirements for laying parquet ottsiklevat and protect it from external influences. To do this, and you need to choose paint material High quality, because we save on lacquer shorten the life of flooring, in any case it will have an unsightly appearance. Now manufacturers offer two types of parquet lacquer water – this is acrylic and polyurethane. These components are basics of connecting lakes. Currently, there are compositions of these two types of varnishes.

Lucky for polyurethane have much endurance, ie, less susceptible to mechanical influences, but they are afraid of chemicals such as alcohol, thinner, acetone, and similar substances, which leave the stubborn stains. Acrylic-based varnishes are odorless and more environmentally friendly, do not change in color, but have poor wear resistance, with prolonged contact with water on the floor are white spots. An important quality of varnish, which must not be forgotten that the immutability of color flooring, paint must accentuate the wood structure. Also a good varnish must be resistant to fading under the flooring of sunlight and elastic, as under the influence of moisture and temperature of the floor is as if in motion and good varnish will remain unchanged. To provide a better coating of parquet lacquers used primers that are designed to prevent the natural oils from exotic woods and varnish penetration uluchaet parquet blocks. For use in the home would be the best acrylic lacquer in combination with polyurethane, it has all the advantages of one and other types of paint, reducing their weaknesses and can be used for any duty flooring. An example of such paint can be varnish Feidal Acryl Parket Moebel Lack. For more specific uses of parquet varnishes need to consult a specialist parquet companies, for example, Parquet-Hall, for this you need to provide information about a hardwood floor, operating conditions. You are successful acquisitions!