Property Insurance

The most common form of property insurance is the title – the insurance of title to real estate. Because now you can lose the house, not only because of natural disasters, but also by its own inexperience in preparing documents for an apartment or house, this insurance is highly relevant. Example: If you purchased the apartment was privatized by previous owners without the consent of one of the registered tenants, there is a risk of transmission of its former owner property without compensation to the buyer. Therefore, clearance of title insurance, especially when buying apartments in the secondary market – precaution is not superfluous. In reputable insurance companies, there are special services that check the 'purity' of real estate transactions, and if the 'biography' apartment or house to light 'dark spots' recommend the client to abandon its purchase. If the ownership of the purchased apartment still was insured, the losses will be reimbursed.

By the way, title insurance – a mandatory procedure for registration mortgage loan. However, bankers now prefer to insure not only the risk of losing ownership of the borrower, but also other risks to the apartment, located at the bank as collateral. The client has opportunity to insure itself and the mortgage, which guarantees the investor's damages upon default constructor of its obligations. Insurer in order to protect themselves from paying premiums examines permits for construction, gives a legal opinion on the conditions of the investment agreement and conduct an expert assessment of its risks. Thus, the chance to be among the defrauded investors, the client major insurance company is minimal.