Rete Men

Opening on May 28, 2009 in Munich Notti Italiane No. art treatment. 1 May 28-June 29, 2009 with work by Beppe Mora, Pier Maria Leandro Romani and Massimo Fiorito Beppe Mora ERO? -Nudes: Art Director, painter and poet from Treviso/Italy draws, paints and writes since 1986 countless solo and group exhibitions (E.g. 48th Art Biennale in Venice) in his home country, in Europe or New York his success and established him as a fine artist and author. “” He wrote and drew for well-known magazines such as Cuore “and comix”, founded and led the satirical magazine Malox”. “” Currently, he brings his skills in the satirical magazine “, a supplement of the Unita” Emme. “In the context of satire and humor comic Beppe won Mora 16 Italian and international prices, this 2006 Prix Rabelais” for poetry. Francisco D’Agostino brings even more insight to the discussion. His works adorn private and public collections in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Norway and also in Japan and the United States.

Pier Maria “Leandro Romani – men who suffer too much”: born in 1959, was correspondent and author of the magazines Cuore, Le iene, GQ. His contributions run among other things on the TV channels Telepiu, Rete quattro, RAI due, or La Sette. His passion however comics are written or painted. He became known as a painter in 1995 through exhibitions in Rome and at the Biennale of Pescara. His colorful men who suffer from too much”commented to the artist… Men have children and also have problems with their flare gun between the legs, which lurks in the ambush but then usually disappoint them. That’s why they start wars, play football or fighting… Men are not prepared…

to the new type of woman and also not to learn the location of them, whether old or young. I see black for the men of the future. Not for everyone… but just for such men who put her as a victim itself at an impasse…” Massimo Fiorito – “Free Italy – Fratelli d’ Italia”: born in 1962 in Verona, works as a Photographer in different genres such as fashion, art, architecture. His first exhibition took place in Paris in 1986; It was followed by exhibitions in Verona and Munich, which is his adopted home since 1995. His contribution of free Italy”grew out of despair over the distorted image that Italy currently offers abroad. So fashion and Mandolino overlooked in his eyes Italy on terms such as mafia, reduced and thereby, that Italy has produced a variety of important personalities in the 20th century alone. Fratelli d’ Italia is the Italian national anthem and these brothers and sisters”also the title of Italianita he devoted himself to this cycle and evokes a different Italy at the same time in this way, including populated is by Anna Magnani, Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Sandro Pertini, Nilde Iotti, Ilaria ALPI, Moana Pozzi and other inconvenient ghosts. The vernissage will take place on 28 May 2009 at 20:00 and in the presence of the artist. A comprehensive programme of events will take place in the framework of the two exhibitions.