Selfemployed Jobs

In this country called Spain, we have made it a little away from the systems of aid and subsidies granted by the various public administrations, the self-employed and small businesses. Only large companies have benefited continuously by assistance granted by various official bodies. Finally and ultimately such aid out of substantial taxes paid by the citizens of this country. So it is a real injustice that only a few benefit from that public money and coincidence of coincidences, they are always the same and go match, typically are large companies that threaten to turn political with bring the production to another site or does not establish the company in his town. Politicians often don’t see beyond the sole of their shoes, or don’t want to see more, thinking that their legislature is short and prima more accomplishments of the moment to exit pictured on duty that the accomplishments achieved thinking in the long term. A very simple example to understand what I try to explain: for a politician is very important to grant a series of grants and subsidies to a hypermarket which is established in the city.

Out in the photo of the day celebrating has been achieved that the hypermarket is installed here rather than in other five cities which had in mind. This will be to create 200 jobs in the town. It is very clear that this is a political achievement and thus get votes, but the man in the foot must think if grant is going to deliver to lost Fund to that great company is worth, probably these 200 jobs may be garbage jobs mostly. These 200 jobs created can generate 1,000 workers, including freelancers and employees to stop work, even if their jobs were stable, but the arrival of this large surface area has been the bankruptcy of many small businesses. In these moments create 200 jobs in a city, by the establishment of a company, seems a utopia. So now politicians are taking there a few gentlemen who work as self-employed and have very few privileges.

There are also a few small companies with few workers who hardly get to pay the payroll every month. We know that some politician knows to add and has been given account that adding the self-employed and small businesses represent the true engine of this country. Although grant aid and grants for self-employed is not reason for a grandiose or striking photo. Apparently he is the only alternative that fits the politicians, in the absence of big companies with big promises and then when the thing isn’t very well flee in Stampede. Welcome are such aid pledged by the Executive to self-employed workers and SMEs both in the form of grants and aid to funding ICO. Hopefully that really serve to create jobs and keep the existing. We arrange grants for your business records.