Smoking And Alcohol

WHAT IT KILLS MORE? THE CIGARETTE OR THE ALCOHOL? Hard campaigns against the cigarette. Exorcismaram the cigarette. They had sung: It is forbidden to smoke (but they were with a full cup of whiskey, in the hands). They had forbidden to smoke in public distributions (but it can be stolen). In bars, snack bars and restaurants, measure the pizzarias and churrascarias, are forbidden to smoke (But it can empanturrar of saturated fats and trans). They had forbidden the cigarette as the religious Vatican forbids the sex between and the religious ones (But pedofilia can). More in places especially destined, the fumdromos is not smoked.

(But a rock of crack can be smoked it polices and it is not there nor) They had forbidden that the Advertising executives produced true works of art, regarding the cigarette, as videos and films. (But they had not forbidden sexual tourism, displayed in the Internet). At last they had forbidden the cigarette. They had abominated the cigarette as the devil abominates the cross. All males of the world fall again on the cigarette. The husband broxou.

The cigarette is the culprit. (But it does not know of tremendous baranga that it is to its side in the full bed and of ' ' bobies' '). At last they had obtained to place in wallets of cigarette, images that are true psychological and emotional blackmails. The boy propaganda of the Malboro cigarette, was accused to promote the consumption increase and would be dying of pulmonary cancer. (Never Malboro smoked, smoked Call). in fact had died. In the reality they had been two cowboys who had always mounted a horse alone. in being had thus formatted a list of males that the cigarette cause to the human being (animal bpedes and quadrupeds do not smoke). Let us see with attention the damages and the consequences that the cigarette promotes: Brnquica asthma.