Star Commander

Until today The Day Of the Training 5 group of the troop of Brazilian defense of 58 district located in the city of Macei, state of Alagoas, is prepared for the week of survival training and tactics of wars, when the ship of 1 captain Silver appeared in the restricted space of the Q.G for return of the 04:15 of day 01 of January of 2199, all the quarter was of warned, due to Captain Silver entering in meeting with the commander generality of the Q.G., 1 Star Commander, being slow the departure of 5 group, where I and mine staff this, for the training. It put we are forbidden to leave the Q.G until it finishes the meeting, that this moving in absolute secret. When I say my staff, speak of the SilverFox, composites for the soldiers Well, Erik, Jack and Arthur, where each one has an admirable specialty, that do not say I them. I am the Falcon handle, specialist in combat body the body, weapons, development of combat suits, tactics of guerrilla, diving and psychological war. I am the leader of the SilverFox, obtained to congregate and to control a group of bagunceiros and unemployed people, have 22 years, 1,78 of height and 93 weight kg. And one of the resistant soldiers strongest and of the squad, created in poor family, son of unknown father, gave everything well that could to enter in the group, although the mother Laura owner to be against the son if to mix whites, I believe that the father of the soldier was white Well, since it and an average colored person, its stature was the differential during the admission tests, since it has 21 years, 1,95 of height and seems ambulant closet with its 100 kg. Very smart Erik and, although to be relatively rich, wanted to follow the career to provoke the father, who did not want it serving. .