The abandonment is in direct relation with the feeling of helplessness. Not only abandonment is physical, also there is loving neglect, the intellectual abandonment, abandonment of interests, the abandonment of ourselves. However, when we have a couple that love too; but at the same time we feel alone, without support, outside of your company and your affection, that feeling of isolation we then eats. Since the abandonment of the company, of gaze, attention and appreciation by our partner, is gone, and apparently, for always and from long ago. When some of the members of the couple, already decided not to be in the relationship is consciously or unconsciously, leaves one in a State of vulnerability such that it did not understand; the helplessness is revealed as a frightened accomplice.

Before the abandonment of any kind that is, is better to take some distance and rethink our relationship as a couple. By more painful as it may seem when the couple has decided to not be more emotionally with us need to be vigilant and alerts to samples lives. To be abandoned, it leaves a feeling of emptiness in the soul. But losing dignity, pray and be empecinados that our relationship will stay with us, then it is better to accept and seek to recover confidence in love and in ourselves. In badly deteriorated relations with the threat of abandonment we can fall into blackmail of death, aggression and indignation. No one can force the love of another, nor we can wait years and years until our couple returns.

Accept and pass a grieving process is desirable. Despite all our fears and fears, even with more reason, we need to recover and be attentive to our development and growth. Stop putting the focus of attention in our partner and its abandonment and better will begin serving ourselves, because the first abandonment is what we have done with ourselves. Let us live as victims and begins again in our person care because we have forgotten both of our own being, therefore, again start the attention towards ourselves. Love may be lost, you may lose a couple, the relationship may be lost, but what you can’t miss, is the dignity staff. After a while becomes calm, peace, tranquility and the desire to restart a new life. But in the meantime, we must explore and unveil the separation steps. Abandonment is a risk of love in work, such as heartbreak, jealousy infidelity. Only by the fact of love we need to cope with these situations that are always presented in love. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life and puts at your disposal, the launch of its E_Book how to regain the trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship.Yes you’re in love you and suffer. This material is parati.