If you were to ask this to the first person that you find in the street, you would probably respond with a resounding Yes. The truth is that loneliness is not something bad, the bad thing is feeling lonely. But being alone and feeling lonely seem to mean the same thing, they are two totally different things. A person is alone when you want it and you can be completely happy this way, since loneliness is the State where human beings can share with the more important there, yourself. On the contrary, feel alone is the one State in which, by more surrounded by people who one is, will feel miserable and without endorsement. Sometimes in the desire to not feel alone are looking for people who think and have similar tastes to ours, when really what we need are people who think different, although this dislike us. Those seeking puppets to handle at your whim are which often feel lonely, since though they look human, do not stop being inanimate beings without their own free will. Do you want to choose correctly the people always they will be there supporting you?, avoids the sycophantic and materialistic people.

People who really love us and with which we can tell all the time are not those who tell us that you’re nice, today you look very good, I love that new dress, etc., because that which flatters only seeks to be flattered, either through words or personal favors. Real people who love us are those that make us know our mistakes and defects in order that we realize how badly we are acting, but above all they are the ones that never laying on our material things. Is it bad to be alone?, no. The terrible thing is feeling lonely. Original author and source of the article