Sverhprostoy Taser

Probably the most popular scheme for radio amateurs is Taser. Many were taken for it so not all she gets. If you're having trouble reeling off trance, buying expensive mosfetov and generally breaking off a long time messing around, I propose to do so – we go to the bazaar and buy a 3 – 4 Chinese for gas. Dismantle them and take out the handkerchief and the coil. Then connect all 4 devices to the three fingertip Akama or batteries (each Lighter consumes about 0.2 A), puts it all in a plastic case in the form of a tube of 25mm diameter plumbing. Alternatively, you can use the flashlight body – he and the battery compartment with a button already there. Each of the step-up transformer must be connected to two separate contacts, we get a total of dischargers on just 4 of lightning! The effect will be very nice! And most importantly do not need to solder and build.