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System Culture

It started if to delineate, thus, the contours of a social movement of character strong libertarian, with an enormous one I appeal next to youth of urban average layers and with an one practical and iderio that placed in xeque, frontalmente, some values central offices of the culture occidental person, especially certain essential aspects of…

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The Sacred

Grn (2005) questions: ' ' how we can have an not-ambient education if since the day of our birth until the day of our death we live in an environment? ' ' (pg. 20). The logic ' ' nature versus beings humanos' ' it comes of a time where the resumes of the units of…

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It had a group of fishing in the city of Ipojuca that, always in the week ends, per the morning, leave to fish in the beach of Port of Hens. , For 5:30 h of the morning, this group with five people had certain day decided to explore an area never gone before, close to…

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