The History Of Paul McCartney In Alone Career

James Paul McCartney or only for Paul McCartney, its artistic name, was born in 1942 and was component of one of the biggest bands of the history of world-wide music, the Beatles. Paul accumulated diverse functions throughout the life, since beyond singer, was also composer, stock exchange operator, guitarist, cinematographic entrepreneur, among others functions. The singer was part of one of most succeeded world-wide partnerships of history, the Lennon/McCartney junction, thus composing diverse letters that if would become, later, classics of the rock. The Beatles had fallen in the favours of the public and the critical one, getting thousand of fans throughout its road. However, with the exit of John Lennon in 1969, the group was fragilizado and decreed its end in 1970.

After the dissolution of this, Paul McCartney if launched in the market in an alone career, making partnership with its Pretty woman McCartney when forming the Wings band. Thanks to the recognition of the quality of its letters, Paul entered in the Guinness Book of the Records as the composer of bigger success in music pop, 1979. Such heading had been conquered with 29 compositions, 20 of them as repertoire of the Beatles (together with John Lennon) and others 9 as music of work of its alone career or the Wings. Its first album after the exit in the group was called ‘ ‘ McCartney’ ‘ , having prominence in musics ‘ ‘ Maybe I? m Amazed’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Every Night’ ‘. In 71, beyond compact ‘ ‘ Another Day’ ‘ , the singer records ‘ ‘ Ram’ ‘ , album where ‘ composed music; ‘ Too Many People’ ‘.

Moreover, this counted on ‘ ‘ Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’ ‘ , ones of the songs of bigger success of its alone career. With a consolidated career, Paul launches diverse albums, as ‘ ‘ McCartney’ ‘ (1970).