The Hospital De Gran Canaria

Critical functional parameters, although they seem high, it can have a negative (or positive, that is, who cultivates and enhances, rather) effects to this stress to this stress. I will not say his name, but “view” is what it is. My experiences in it are desperate, and shared with many other citizens. Hospital often in some “secondary” sections. I am a participant in that these carascteristicas center, which is supposed to go all kinds of people, to which more or less intuitive, confused or clumsy, but all with the right not to be victims of loss of time, spend a fraction of the money invested in the construction and commissioning of the center to make a couple of random people make of guinea pigs and the release at the hospital, before his inauguration, and are asked to be able to address to a particular place of it, as is the tangled web in which we all find when, post at hand, try to find the appropriate consultation. The impressions of these people should be recorded evidence, and taken as reference and corrected first-order failures that does not happen all that happens in the real “Labyrinth of the Minotaur.” In the parking lot, only Rappel crystal ball will not make us get into the wrong hole where there is no elevator, and we’ll have to try one by one until find him (how easy it is to put posters). Let’s see who is handsome to the first turn is the cashier of the tickets of the above without losing time going up and down stairs (how easy it is to put posters). Or, to see who gets to sector A, B or C from the lift without making a mistake (how easy it is to put posters).

Or who gets to the right plant (with how easy it is to put up posters). Even we have the problem of the capacity of the hospital car park, which is that one is going to take the kids to school, organize your work and then try to return, etc, and many are the ones that I have almost more than the just time to go to the doctor and return to ours, to find other day also endless caravan of motorists making stupid idiot like yourself to enter the parking lot, and everything to end late for the appointment (so to speak, because as usual consultations are late, you arriving almost an hour late). They should have expected a larger number of places, knowing that there would be another hospital in the city alike. Perhaps they should have put aside the tax collection effort and done the parking spaces outside that city people we move on wheels, mainly in urban and sometimes just the practical home and is not grass. Another on the parking, is that in many places adjoining intended to fit two cars, when almost no one does not fit. Thus, these pathways blocked by hills or butt outstanding car because someone thought that all citizens were going to buy a Smart or a Mini Cooper. Finally, I emphasize that a little bird told me that in building the hospital became a gaping hole in the ground and buried mountains of material and purchased (WCs, toilets tiles, etc.) that would not or could return to the suppliers, also serving for many workers aprivisionaran tile or private home at the expense of tax all (not me, I’ve been told I do not know if this is true). Javier Ramirez (