Trans Atlantic Cruises

Trans-Atlantic cruises to New York a trans-Atlantic cruise in the classical sense means the crossing of the North Atlantic from the old to the new world, or vice versa. So-called crossings can include also other large oceans, such as the Pacific or the Indian Ocean. The crossing of the North Atlantic with the cruise ship is an adventure where time seems to stand still. A trans-Atlantic lasts hardly longer than a weekend cruise. The embarkation formalities are done, once it is brought to the gangway. You must cross it only from the pier to the cruise ship and you’re in another world – a world where you can get free, to indulge in the fine art of doing nothing, if one is after. After the elation of a transatlantic crossing, the expectation of passengers rises to the call of country in sight”in the immense.

Enclosed by the polar ice caps, the Atlantic Europe and Africa separates from the American continent. He is three times as large as North America and does not cause longest mountain range of the world, which (under water) over 11,400 km covers and rising over 9,800 feet above the ocean floor. The single this mountain range, which protrude above the water surface, are the Azores, St. Helena and Tristan de Cunha. The average width of the Atlantic is 4.023 km. Although the Atlantic Ocean is only half as big as the Pacific, pour about half of all water inflows in it (namely four times as much as in the Pacific). Its average depth is 5,760 meters, and the lowest point, the Milwaukee depth is over 9.217 feet deep. Actually, the crossing of the North Atlantic on a passenger steamer should be viewed as an art form. Experienced seafarers repeatedly assure that a cruise ship really only then behaves like a ship when it crossed an ocean, because for this it was built after all.