West Ukraine Encounters

Managing Director of GmbH were cumverbis at the second arbitration day in the Western Ukraine to guest for the second time, representative of cumverbis GmbH were guests of the arbitration day of of Chamber of arbitration of Western Ukraine. The arbitration day was held with representatives from Poland, Germany and the Eastern Ukraine-of the 28.-May 29, 2009 in again in Lviv (Lemberg). Lawyer and mediator Michael Sadlo and the mediator Wolfgang Brune both by the cumverbis GmbH were invited to lectures to Lviv. Michael Sadlo entered in his presentation on the characteristics of mediation in the public sector. The difficulties in the implementation of the mediation, in particular parties to count, because it usually is not a mediation with two parties.

Also in the described case were in addition to the various interest groups to take into account the number of clients (a total of 25 persons). This mediation procedure, it went to a corporate extension of a large company in a small community. In the process, the community were, a Burgeriniative, farmers and representatives of the companies involved. The problems existed in the different ideas and viewpoints of the participants to be solved. M.

Sadlo his approach and the solution of the conflict case outlined in his speech. The ensuing lively discussion very clearly showed that the participants of the meeting had won important suggestions for their work, which they can use in the special environment of Ukraine itself. In his lecture, W. Brune illuminated the different aspects of negotiations. The Harvard concept ‘at work’ he showed involvement of NLP items, such as negotiations can be conducted more effectively. He pointed out that in mediation NLP is a good tool for an interest-driven negotiation. In the subsequent conversations and discussions – also with representatives of the University of Lviv, the desire arose to establish mediation as a part of the training of their students. The two representatives of the cumverbis GmbH have been asked to participate in this project. At the same time was an invitation to the Arbitration day was pronounced 2010, where expressed, to get an insight into the family mediation in Germany.