Changeable Remuneration

It would not like to argue here the motivacionais aspects of the Law, its undeniable impacts on the productivity and the quality of the company, but only as that the companies can, in adopting it, to substitute the exceeded system of real readjustment of the wages for something modern, practical and realistic. A modern Plan of Changeable Remuneration must contemplar3 aspects: Results global of the company? Results sectorial Results individual the global results make responsible for the financial resources that propitiate the concession of the bond & ndash; without the results of the company it does not have as to speak in distribution to the employees for better that they were its individual performances. The sectorial results mention the contribution of each area in the synergic effort for the reach or overcoming to it of the global goals and the individual results reflect the contribution of the performance of each employee in this effort. Soon, the equation is mounted! The performance of the employee who before could result now in the real readjustment of its wage starts to contribute with a minor or greater slices in its bond ……. and with innumerable advantages! Seno, let us see: Wage readjustment x real profit. profit that the employee comes to gain with its performance does not integrate its wage, this remains the same and it does not excite ideas of its redutibilidade. Case its performance falls down disastrously from a high place more to the front it simply will not be eligible for the bond, without transmitting the strange sensation of injustice before the team of that its not corresponding wage to its (low) present performance. Without incubencies.

While the readjustment Real of the wages implied in working incubencies nothing elapses of the profit Real, therefore for the law the distribution of the results is exempt of taxes. Financial situation. Nothing it is more crystalline lens of what the justification of not the distribution of the bond for simple constatao of (bad) resulted of the company & ndash; this supported for the legislation and the Syndical Agreement signed by the Union and Representative commission of the employees. It does not have internal culture, habits that they support the bond payment when it does not have the generation of the referring ones results, exactly having flexibility in the writing of the Agreement stop partial distribution in determined conditions. Without results they are gone rings (bond), but are the fingers (job, wage and benefits)! With a plan of changeable remuneration the Evaluation of Performance is armed with a new and intense paper, more valid of what never to grant wage profits individual, but without losing the focus of the individual contribution for the reach or overcoming of the sectorial and global objectives of the company through the development and professional improvement, training efficient, coherent behavior and integration to the business of the company.