A property of the flat is to be incapable of if perceiving as such; they do not have notion of its chatice, how much they are invasive, of if discovering inopportune. This property requires common-sense, empatia, requires the capacity to perceive that the other possesss necessities, commitments that not them of them, that the other possesss one gravitates proper to be respected. This they do not possess. The flat do not enxergam beyond its umbigo, or better, them expand the limits, artificially, of the proper one in such a way to involve all its return. Therefore, she does not have space to be respected and all motivation of the citizens its return will be submitted to the ones of them, after all they do not obtain to enxergar you as to be of proper will and necessities. I have the theory that the flat are very devoid, them I costumam to grudar in you. All flat he is ingenuous, if you question with go, they you want to count as not all life was all the day of them – when until that moment.

All flat he is self-centered, all in the room have that to feel heat or cold in the measure of them. They believe that we want to listen to all the claims that will have? e, believes, they always will have several. They had been born to annoy and point. She has diverse flat modalities. The depressive one, the mrbido one, the irritatingly happy one, the humorista, the gosmento, the council members and for goes there? flat is something that multiplies more than rabbit. What you remain you are to develop the ability to perceive the presence of them quickly and to identify them, therefore has of if developing one technique of escape for each type of flat. I do not know a universal method for this.