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Union Insurance

After the 2009 elections, private health insurance as an alternative to the statutory health insurance is again interesting. During the reign of the black red coalition of Union and the SPD, Health Minister Ulla Schmidt (SPD) has determined with health-care reform. These golfers ‘ many changes, such as the uniform health insurance contribution or the…

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Private Health Insurance

Differences and requirements for statutory and private health insurance at a glance legal or private health insurance? Wishes to change the health insurance, often faces is the question, statutory or private? The difference is important to know say the advantages or disadvantages, to make the right choice. In addition to the differences between the public…

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Diplom Kaufmann

Including questions about the options for the adaptation of the contract, the doctor order clause and a lot more. The amazing thing is yet. Financial test has two sample cases displayed and selected in a Diplom Kaufmann (pension of 2,000 EUR, final age (EA) 67) and a nurse in the nursing home (1,000 EUR pension…

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