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The Rules

As time passes (often enough the week) and the weight will start to decline again. However, those who suffer metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance), the plateau can be long. 6) Because the diet is quite a long time – possible disruptions or deviations from the rules. There is nothing to worry about. Do not panic. Get…

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Active Ingredients in Cosmetics

Huge selection of cosmetic products for skin care is able to meet the needs of every woman. It is surprising all the diversity of creams, lotions, scrubs and other products of cosmetology. Among the active components, such as traditional for us, medicinal herbs, chamomile, calendula, sequence and unusual plants, which many consumers have heard for…

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Same State

It is worth noting that the precious Stones are chosen for each person individually according to the constitution, the presence of certain diseases and even from month of birth. The spa therapies are used extensively oriental massage with jade and other stones. Meditation. State of meditation – this is an absolute harmony of mind and…

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