Bouquet of Flowers

Almost every man, determined to give someone flowers, does not think long about what flowers to choose from. As a general rule, if you have money, give the roses, if not, cloves. Both are available for sale at any time of year. And if all you decide to make a special gift? What to choose as to show imagination in order to impress his girlfriend with his imagination? To get started give up traditions. Even the huge and expensive bouquet of roses, not every girl seems romantic. You bet! After all, the same you gave her and the New Year, and the eighth of March, and on his birthday, and just for no reason. In winter, you should choose flowers with large petals and thick stems.

In the flower stalls flowers are stored in relatively harsh conditions. Heaters dried and overheat the air. Delicate petals of roses, carnations, orchids quickly fade, and the cold during transport to the same and yet peremerzayut. These flowers can stand in a vase for only an hour, but If you are lucky, and a couple of days. Therefore, for a winter gift they will not do. It is best to give the thick stems of lilies, chrysanthemums, with large petals and calla lilies. They and the color and form are also consistent with the winter mood: strong, cold, solemn. For summer bouquet, on the contrary, it is better to choose colorful flowers with small petals.

They improve mood and delight your color scheme. It can be daisy, dahlia, gerbera, ornamental sunflowers lilac, marigold, marigolds, orchids, decorated with greens. Bouquets can be small or even tiny. They must smell great and be colorful and bright as summer itself. In the offseason, it is best to use gifts offseason. Nothing will please the eye, like a bouquet of wonderful gladioli, which are only on sale in September. Very long branches in a vase are ripe Physalis (so-called lanterns). In the spring of delight first appeared on the beds tulips and daffodils. These flowers, which we will not see until next May, reminiscent of the coming summer. Fragrant lilies of the valley aroma will fill the room a favorite of the week of the year. Of course, every girls their favorite flowers. But if you show imagination and give her first seasonal flowers, she will appreciate your attention. Do not come to such a beautiful formal cause, as the choice of bouquet, and you will get pleasure from it. Give your favorite piece of happiness!