Cutting Materials

Through the use of advanced achievements in the theory of cutting materials, and independently carried out theoretical analysis and mathematical modeling of physical, mechanical and thermal phenomena occurring during the processes of blade materials processing, in Rybinsk State Aviation Technological Academy scientifically sound methodology and reliable (well-confirmed experimental data), analytical expressions for the calculation of the stage of technological preparation of production temperature and force, contact, stoykostnyh, feasibility and other major holidays characteristics of the process of cutting, matched with the process imposed by technological constraints or considered as an optimization criteria. Through targeted approximation treatment of these analytical expressions (which predetermine the output characteristics of the process of turning) to obtain a uniform (typical) form their views, while ensuring the adequacy source and an approximation-traditional expressions, as well as preservation of existing relationships and interactions of the variables of technological processing conditions. In the future it is possible to construct a model of strategic development corporate structure. Using data from the model analytical expressions as the base of the software as well as modern methods of optimization estimators (in particular, the modernized simplex method Nelder-Mead, and others) developed a general methodology for creating and operating computer-aided design process of CAD TP Optimisator, intended for structural and parametric optimization of technological processes of cutting conditions (including the selection of machine tool, tool material grade and geometrical parameters of cutting tools, stamps, used coolant and cutting on with each pass by the shooting of a rational allowance for these channels), providing extreme value to obtain the desired optimization criterion of technical and economic (cost of treatment, productivity tool consumption per unit of manufactured products in the current economic system, etc.) under the restrictions imposed on the processing requirements of the drawing, strength characteristics of the instrument, technical capabilities used metallorezhu-schego equipment and for ensuring the processing of vibration resistance. The database of CAD TA laid the physicomechanical and thermal properties of 50 different work materials, tool materials 11, 32, coolants, 38 structural modifications of workpieces (embodied in various ways) and specifications of more than 200 machine tools, including cutting tools, widely used in domestic metal industry. Production tests carried out on industrial Yaroslavl Region and the Moscow region, showed that the proposed automated system for determining the optimal conditions of the process for turning materials allows significantly improve the technical and economic efficiency and overall profitability of engineering production without any additional labor and material costs, reduce time to market of new products and upgrading an existing one, to reduce the consumption of cutting tools and the cost of its operation, increase the accuracy and quality of manufactured products, as well as reduce manufacturing defects most simple, affordable and cheaper in the practical implementation of the way – by changing the cutting conditions and machining conditions..