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CEWE is less than this value to 5 to Six times. For several years, through the use of low-flow washing and their separate Entsilberung by ion exchange systems, CEWE average recovers 95 percent of silver. In 2010, these were 10.1 t. All mail order products sent in Germany the customers achieve eco-friendly about GoGreen, Deutsche Post/DHL climate-neutral shipping. An expansion on international shipments. Total CEWE COLOR wants the CO2 emissions in the three areas of emissions (scope 1, 2 and 3) and continue lowering the power consumption. This includes concrete measures are planned: such fuel-efficient vehicles, the increased use of natural gas cars and the optimization of the logistics chain. The target to use photo book for the CEWE only materials from sustainably managed forests, has been achieved and will be extended to other product lines in the following years.

97 percent of the packaging are made of corrugated cardboard, which are made largely from recycled materials, and the plastic portion of the packaging is among five Percent. The recovery rate of waste is consistently over 95 percent. Work is done on the further reduction of the Committee, so that the drop rate of today 26.1 percent decreases in the next five years to 20 percent. Corporate responsibility and economic strength of Europe’s most successful photo service providers carefully weigh what happens with what resources for whose benefit. The maintenance and development of the compliance structure plays a major role in the company: 2010 CEWE of the UN has joined Global Compact “because corporate responsibility goes hand in hand with the responsibility for the common good. The verifiable acquisition of ownership in the context of the 10 principles is a meaningful interaction with our sustainable development strategy.”so Andreas F.L. Hamza. Also the sustainable innovation has contributed to the success of the company. In time, management recognized the trend toward digital photography and met the technology change with new products.