Dexterous Luiza Keppe

The child needs a steady affective figure, where this plays the role of mediator of the construction of its identity. Its process of identification will be conturbado, if in this familiar context receives that it he will not be continent and protective. A good bond between parents and children, a reliable relation, espontaneidade and transparency, baby if initiates with one strong necessity of contact between both the parts. Gradually, as much the baby how much the mother goes extending its relations, the father for example enters in game and this dade initial goes being breached. With the maturation, the baby will start to have conditions to substitute the concrete mother for the capacity of recriar it in its fancies and tricks, since that, he has been possible to internalizar it, that is, to inside keep of its mental universe an image of the mother who can be relembrada, when this will not be concretely present. The feeling of the baby in relation its parents is an attachment, in the measure where it feels in the parents the safe base to explore and to know the world to its return. The feeling of the parents in relation to the son is more correctly described for affective bond, since the parents> they do not try an increase in its sense of security in the presence of the son, and neither the son has for the parents the characteristic of safe base. According to Winnicott, also cited porRosana Dexterous Luiza Keppe, in the article ' ' The understanding of the parents on the aggressiveness of its filhos' ' , infancy is a gradual process of formation of beliefs in people and things, and this period is elaborated to the few, through satisfactory experiences where some necessities are taken care of and justified, and of bad experiences, where the anger, the hatred and the doubt also can appear.