Diada Independence

Up to 1947 the humanity enjoyed unrestricted deliberdade in its avistamentos and contacts with the stranger who afustigava in the not identified flying object appearances, and infindvelsrie of historical registers proves this sobejamente. However to break daqueleano, more necessarily, two or three days after the 4 of American July (in the Diada Independence something fell of the sky in the neighborhoods of the city of Roswell, NovoMxico), a compulsory retirement and eficientssima politics of acobertamento foiimplantada for the military of the time, weaving itself in the result and the conclusions radiofnica datransmisso of Orson Wells, in 1938.

The seriousness with military queos had treated the question was so deep that in curtssimo stated period foramfundadas institutions specialized in desinformar against-to inform, becoming they it model of the biggest organizacional efficiency of the world, in todosos times. It was a triunfal tentoto that disqualified, for all always (‘ ‘ omnia itself I sweat statu manere’ ‘), until the unpretentious register of aerial estranhosfenmenos (doravante ‘ ‘ EFA’ ‘), either made for laypeople or ‘ experts’ , detal way that the mere mention of the name ‘ ‘ Roswell’ ‘ if risadinhas today makes under debochantes looks desviadose, and believes that nor ‘ exactly; ‘ inventores’ ‘ dCampanha had imagined one day to arrive as much success! Without a doubt, they ganharamo ironic prize of most perfect full silence in ‘ ‘ It was of the Comunicaes’ ‘. Here it is that talsucesso perfaz fully the justification to call ‘ ‘ inexistentes’ ‘ responsible asagncias for fixed and universal silence around the assuntoUfologia, as we could call ‘ ‘ inexistente’ ‘ cachaa in the blood dequem can inebriate to others for a simple puff! One is about the linguistic velhafigura of the irony, on the other hand, and of according to such agencies and of direction, aliada of them in relation to the social peace, therefore keeps alive> nobody knows the reason for which the inexistent agencies dangerous julgaramto the spreading of the facts for them hidden (the such ‘ EFA’).