Effective Helpers In The Garden And Pond Construction

Effective helpers in the garden and pond construction small garden ponds, idyllic swimming pools or spas with natural pool – pond construction is becoming increasingly attractive. Each project presents its own imagination, technique, material and temporal implementation requirements. A but all projects have in common: the materials must be in place and place transported and removed the earth excavated again. Often, the ponds are integrated into already existing green areas and gardens, heavy equipment would damage these surfaces and can be used therefore only conditionally. An alternative to the hand wheelbarrow is the solution! The electric dumpers TeMax transported up to three times on Earth, granules, sand, and much more in comparison to a conventional hand wheelbarrow. This saves valuable time and thus money. The vans also on existing green spaces can be used easily with the grass tyres”. Thanks to its narrow design garden gates and narrow paths represent no obstacle and moves even this small muscle man easily uphill.

Protects people and the environment especially in residential areas, seniors and parks plays a big role the noise level when working and restricts the time frame for certain work. The TeMax goes completely noise and exhaust fumes, disturbs neither neighbors nor animals and thus allows to sooner or later hour. As an additional plus it protects the back and joints of the operator, as no force is required for the transport. Economy interested can create of a Temove consultant spot an individual calculation of economic efficiency and meet the other advantages of TeMax. Temove GmbH specializes in the development, production, and the distribution of innovative electric vehicles for transport and locomotion. As the German quality Temove places an emphasis on easy-to-use, powerful, stable and versatile products