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To improve toughness, endurance, resistance to abrasion and frost, moisture impermeability, strength of the cut, the resistance to fire, to stretching and bending of concrete – used in fiber reinforcement. Because of this, it is possible low shrinkage of concrete, which leads to increased resistance to fracture during operation. Metal fiber is used in general construction. The main objective is reinforced concrete, fibreboard increase in resistance material stretching. Hardening of the concrete matrix of a fiber can reduce and in some cases, eliminate the traditional ways of reinforcing cages and netting products, which significantly reduces labor costs and time manufacture the final product. Research evidence that an increase in strength under axial tension stalefibrobetona reaches 200% increase in fracture toughness is of particular stalefibrobetona important because it is directly related to the improvement of the entire supporting structure. Studies show the superiority of concrete over conventional dispersnoarmirovannogo to 50%.

Dispersed reinforcement concrete significantly increases the impact resistance of concrete. Established experimentally that the toughness stalefibrobetona above non-reinforced concrete more than 10 times. The definite advantage of a fiber reinforced concrete led to widespread interest in its use in domestic and foreign construction market. More than 15 countries around the world use as a reinforcing material of fibers, including the U.S., Japan, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Austria, Russia, New Zealand and others. There are steel, basalt, cellulose, glass fiber. Fiber concrete – concrete that is reinforced with fibers.

Cement the fibrous concrete in tension can, using the disperse reinforcement. So as adding fiber to the concrete is at the factory, the reinforcing work is required, which proves the efficiency of fiber-reinforced concrete and technicality. When using imported fibers, final price will be higher than that of standard concrete reinforcement. You can improve the operation of applying the domestic fiber, as well as improvement goes TBO. Seismically dangerous zones in buildings, cease to be using fiber-reinforced concrete. Stalefibrobetona has a very large range of applications. It is used for the decking of bridges, tunnels, vaults them to arrange, it is used for bank vaults and fortifications, etc. Bridge Engineering – an industry where can be realized major benefits stalefibrobetona. Also, it's great for low-rise housing