Great Ustyug

In addition, the project creates conditions for solving problems of childhood and family. Targeted social assistance are receiving children from low-income families. Different competitions, contests and competitions for children in the region in need of special protection States, the organization of tourist trains – the governor's Express 'fairytale journey to Santa Claus' – this is only a small part of those activities which involve children in social family. Now the tale has become available for them. In addition, in our area currently gaining momentum this kind of tourism as a rural tourism. It is a temporary residence in the countryside to relax.

Agree pleasant after bustle of the city to be in a beautiful, scenic area, and such in our region lacking – in fact almost all districts of the Vologda region have great potential for rural tourism development. The nature of the Vologda land is clean and invigorating, full of many rivers, lakes, abundant, berries and mushrooms. For lovers of fine places for fishing gear. And the friendliness, generosity, kindness and willingness to at any time to come to the aid and help with advice – features Vologda character. Primarily this type of tourism has been extended to families with children, elderly people, companies, young people engaged in active sports.

Pilot in this respect was the Kirillov district, where this kind of tourism has become a popular six years ago. Since the beginning of this year, rural tourism services benefited 118 people, but this is only the official data, the real figures are much higher. As an accommodation to tourists offers individual houses, apartments or rooms. And someone else and just come with tents and sleeping bags, positioned directly under the canopy of trees. This kind of tourism gives pros and Cyril's own area – in 2006 Municipality of income from rural tourism exceeded 180 thousand rubles, but it's not bad an aid to the municipality. Now show an active desire to develop rural tourism Nikolsky nyuksenitsa, Belozersky, Vashkinsky and Vytegra areas where there is also something to be proud and to offer tourists. Note that a new stage of development of tourism in our area is the fact that many cities and regions of Vologda region there own travel brands. So, along with the already well-known brand 'Great Ustyug – Homeland of Santa Claus', there were other: Dairy Gryazovets suburb in the city, the kingdom of Goldfish in Vashkinskom area Tarnoga Honey, the Holy Land in Belozyorsk. To date, 28 cities and districts of the brand is already at 16. A 15 localities in the region have highly urban ensembles and complexes that are of interest tourists.