Hein Gericke End

Cult band Supermax plays live at Hein Gericke – the brand for motorcycle clothing and motorcycle accessories Supermax comes to Vienna to Hein Gericke and rocks the House with the cult hit “Lovemachine”. A party for the whole family, this special prices for motorcycle clothing and motorcycle technology. A day of action and fun around the motorcycle at Hein Gericke in the South of Vienna! “Just call 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 one day lover” who remembers not this legendary line from the cult hit Lovemachine”from 1978. Thanks to the world has this disco classic Kurt Hauenstein, founder and mastermind of the Band Supermax. Hein Gericke brings this veteran of disco and funk music the biker event, beat faster after Vienna South to the end of season party on September 26, 2009.

From 9: 00 to 17:00 motorcycles, helmets, music and especially to you, everything, as Hein Gericke has more stock deals, food and drink, video presentations and some surprises for you! The bike will present his legendary Yamaha’s home Vienna, APC provides helmets World novelty, the motorcycle helmet with airbag ago. Be there when from a motorcycle helmet is a real work of art of airbrush-show live! Hein Gericke offers sausages, chili and drink ensure that you keep your strength. Also, there’s surprises for the children, a raffle, and last but not her least typical Hein Gericke Super prices for motorcycle clothing, motorcycle jackets and motorcycle accessories, of course! Leave as much motorcycle, so much action, this hot end-of-season party not to be missed!