Just Superwomen (Supermoms!)

Yesterday I read an article in the paper that reflects on the generation of mothers caring for grandparents, children and grandchildren and how is this kind of disappearing? I find it interesting to read how they spoke of the hole that this in fact represents the welfare state, especially by the social demand for kindergartens and geriatric.

But what is meant by the welfare state? It is a concept that involves complex and highly subjective visions. Nurseries appear in the article as one of the pillars in this area to society, but not the only one.
The public system does not cover the request for childcare. This is a demand that is there and needs to be addressed. The figures speak of that in Spain there are nearly one and a half million children under the age of 3 years and only 16% have a place at a children's center public, while 43% of families demand service. Many mothers and fathers are unable or unwilling to abandon work and grandmothers and grandfathers and many are unwilling or unable to deal with the smaller, which I find wonderful? What I already did mine, I am with them so that their Parents go to the cinema. At the cinema I go?. Perhaps if things were different alternatives to kindergarten were viable and effective in our society, but for the moment they are not.

Also, the article emphasizes that even many grandmothers, aunts and mothers who exert a female solidarity unwritten to succeed, while some grandfather, uncles and fathers seem? Exempt? These chores. Ojo, in my opinion, this is changing gradually, and also many of these exemptions are imposed by the female. The article also found a story of a mother within 60 multiplied to fill in the newspapers of the time the major international conflicts and breastfeed their seven children, looking for holes in the workplace, with the help of the grandmother who led him to babies every 3 hours:
I did not want to leave either of the two things I liked my job, but being a mother, I love children. He didnot by virtuous, but because we are not left another. Actually laudable, but we are no longer in the 60 and today, where is the progress for some mothers who do not want to give something up, or your children or your professional life? How is that the welfare state looking? In the article, we find only a reference to the fact that women need to remain? Supermoms pushing strollers? Apart from nurseries, assisted by the state of the law of dependence. But no one speaks of, for example, an expansion of casualties and paid maternity and paternity leave, or other aid to care for minor children at home, or the alignment of single-parent families? It might not be so great setting (all) over the welfare of small, looking at other solutions, there are various formulas, just needing more support and echoed in society. All this about some upgrades?  It makes no sense to me